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On the road again...

We have decided to take on the South West Coast Path (and some other UK hikes) over Spring/Summer 2023 and our rescue dog Penny will be joining us.  She doesn't quite know what is in store but we are sure that she will have a blast!  We are taking on this hike with the intention of raising money for a charity that we hold near and dear to our hearts: Dog Trouble Foundation.   We have 3 dogs that we found roaming in the USA.  We weren't quite ready to have a dog...let alone we took them to a local shelter with the hopes that they would be re-homed.  A few weeks later we were told that they were going to be put down as no one had really looked at them.  Feeling distraught for having put them in this situation we immediately adopted them and brought them over to the UK.  So pretty much overnight we had three dogs over 1 year of age, with no training, and lots of behavioural issues from their time in the "wild".  

When we got to the UK we immediately reached out to Jo Cottrell at Dog Trouble to help sort out a few of their issues.  With lots of time and effort they were slowly getting better.  They are by no means "cafe dogs".  They're rough around the edges but they are so so loving and we absolutely adore them.   But what we've realised through this situation is that not all dogs are perfect and many of them need lots of work.  And that's why we wanted to help support the Dog Trouble Foundation.  At the foundation Jo has re-homed around 60 dogs over the last 3 or 4 years.  Some dogs can take up to 6 months to rehabilitate and get into a place where they can be re-homed.  Through her patience, dedication, and perseverance she has given these dogs an opportunity to succeed where others may have written them off.  

We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to walk the South West Coast Path with the sassiest member of our pack and to help support this wonderful cause.  If you can spare a few pennies for Penny's cause then thank you!  If not, no worries,  but please check back in every now and then to see what trouble Penny has gotten herself into.  Thank you everyone.

Lots of love,

Hannah and Jess

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