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A Day in the Life of Penny

Suddenly I am awake. Well not really. My one Mummy has this bird chirping near her and it is very annoying. I am not ready to move from my comfy bed. I'm supposed to sleep at the bottom of our mobile home but I tend not to. It's nice being near my mummies and I think they appreciate me near their feet...a convenient little heater.

Once I'm up and moving I stretch and stretch before heading outside to peepee. One time I stretched on my mummy's mat and she yelled "Nooooo" and I heard the wind. I didn't do anything wrong so not sure why she did that. Anyway, by this point my mummies are being sooo slowwwwwww and it's my breakfast time! I lay on the ground or sit outside our house in protest making the sassiest noises I can to get their attention.

After they get their little booties in gear it's finally breakfast time!! Sometimes my mummy spreads my food out on the ground. It's super annoying! It takes me ages to eat everything and I think I am missing some of it. Those are important calories!!

By this time our home has entirely disappeared! Where did it go!? Once my mummies are ready (and sometimes Auntie Helen) I get to be attached to the slow mummy by this weird rope thing, but it's like we are totally connected. When I zig she zags. Classic synergy. Sometimes I get to be away from my mummy. These times can be stressful for me because I really need to be able to see everyone in my pack. Like I mean it. I NEED TO SEE EVERYONE!! And it's stressful...because as I said, one of my mummies is quite slow.

So I have to keep checking on her while keeping an eye on my mummy in the front. It's exhausting, but someone has got to keep the gang together!

After what feels like hours we usually stop into this type of place that smells so yummy where my mummies get this gross looking poo drink and I have to just wait around. They didn't even get me anything to do. I just wait...

and wait...

and wait!

Finally, we can get back onto the trail after they do whatever it is that they do...not feed me, neglect me, not pet me. Ugh...boils my beets just thinking about it.

Back on the trail we walk up and down and around and meet all kinds of people and dogs. Most everyone says how beautiful and gorgeous I am. I mean after hearing it for weeks I've started to really belive it myself. Sometimes my mums make me pose for things. Like I know I'm a modelll but you gotta pay for these images.

Other times we get to ride in cars or boats. Those are fun because I get to be close to my mums.

After a long day we get to somewhere new and there's our home again! We always find our way home. My mums feed me again and give my paws a nice massage.

Sometimes I also get a puppy massage. It's hard work being a Penny.

Even though we move everyday and sometimes it seems like the walkie might not end I never complain because I get to be outside, seeing and smelling some amazing places with my mummies (well they usually smell bad...but besides that). We have had a fantastic few weeks and I hope the good times continue because I lovvvvveeee it!

But for now I can barely keep my gorgeous eyes open. Time to go curl up on my mummy's mat where I know she wants me to sleep. She can't sleep without me near.

Want to help my friends at Dog Trouble? Click here to donate to the Dog Trouble Foundation. Thanks!!

Lots of love and sniffs and kisses!


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