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Thank goodness for a warm-up...

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

We have just returned from "finishing" the Offa's Dyke Path. We set out on our journey with Penny in tow and made our way to Rhyl for the night before starting our trek the next day in Prestatyn. Our bags felt quite heavy with the addition of Penny's things and food but we thought that maybe we were just out of shape having taken a month or so off hiking. We started off the first two days with Penny but quickly realized that she was not able to keep up so decided that it was best for her if we took her home. After dropping her off at home we set back out to continue with our prep for the SWCP. All in all the Offa's path was really beautiful with lovely rolling hills and walks through fields with new born lambs. The people along the path that we met were extremely friendly and helpful. We ended up doing about half of the path before we decided (through blisters and some tired muscles) that it would be best for us to stop.


Learnings from our warm-up:

  • Penny doesn't know that she needs to rest when we rest.

  • She doesn't realize how wide she is with her pannier.

  • She can't go over stiles with her pannier it was a lot of deadlifts for us.

  • Penny doesn't like sleeping in the sleeping bag that we got specifically for her. "I'm perfectly fine on your bag, thanks mom!"

  • Penny's pace is super slow. She sniffs everything. So long days are loooonnnngggg.

  • Penny thinks that she doesn't get enough breakfast or dinner...always.

  • We need to take it more slowly when getting Penny fit for walking.

  • Penny is a fantastic cuddler and little heater in the tent.

  • Penny absolutely loves being outside and going on walkies. She gets so excited when you pick up her backpack and sad when we take off our bags.

  • Jess is no good in the freezing cold or the rain or when there isn't enough food or when there's no sun

  • Hannah's feet are weirdly shaped and prone to blisties

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