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Welcome to the Plodding with Penny blog!

Updated: May 25, 2023

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name's Penny and I'm a rescue dog from the United States of America, now living in the much colder, wetter and greyer North West of England with my two moms. This blog is to keep all of my fans up to date with my charitable hiking adventures across the UK. First things first, I'm not sure why it's called "plodding". I am in the most tippity-top shape I can be in! My moms are worried about me not being able to walk as far as them but have you even seen them?? They've only got half as many legs as I do, ipso facto: twice as slow- that's math. I'm looking forward to getting off the beaten track, living out of a backpack and having my nose to the ground for the next few months. My mommies are in for a real treat, having me as company, what could go wrong? In any case, over to them, it's hard to type with these paws.

Thanks, Penny! As she said, welcome! We have started this blog to keep track of all of the shenanigans that Penny will undoubtably find herself in over the next few months. We will be taking her on the South West Coast Path (SWCP). This path is 630 miles along guessed it... south west coast of England. Penny will have the opportunity to explore varied terrain, meet new people, and visit numerous beaches (one of Penny's favourite things to do). Our trek will start in Minehead and end in Poole with some possible day trips into Dartmoor or Exmoor along the way.

But before that, we will be taking on the Offa's Dyke Path (ODP) as a warm up hike for us and the Penners. It will be a great opportunity to work through our tent set up and take down with our four legged friend in tow. And to also figure out what to do with her when it inevitably rains on us while we are walking. This is also an opportunity for Penny to further her fitness before the SWCP as it will be a big jump from 2 hours per day to often 8-10! The ODP is a 177 mile path that runs along the Welsh and English borders which we will be attacking from North to South, starting in Prestatyn and ending in Chepstow.

If you would like to know more about why we are taking on this challenge, please click on the About link. And if you feel sorry enough for us to donate and to also support an amazing cause, please do so HERE! Remember to leave a comment with your donation so that Penny can give you a personalised THANK YOU on her Instagram page.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure!! Lots of love,

Hannah, Jess and Penny

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1 Comment

Apr 18, 2023

Good luck guys! The Dog Trouble Foundation rescues are ‘woofing’ you on!!! xx

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